What We Offer

High Caliber Millwrights and Crane Services takes pride in offering quality services, including millwright, overhead crane installation, crane services, crane inspections, hydro, conveyor system, installations, shaft alignments, industrial construction, mill maintenance shutdowns, etc. in Portland, OR, & Vancouver, WA.

High caliber millwrights and Crane Services

Crane Services

  • System installation
  • Annual and periodic OSHA required inspections
  • Engineering and rail surveys
  • Design, engineering, and fabrication
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Structural upgrades as well as electrical and mechanical
  • Operator training and certification
  • Distributor for many leading manufacturers
  • Parts and services department

Millwright Services

  • Industrial construction
  • Scheduled mill maintenance shutdowns
  • Machinery moving and installation
  • Precision machinery alignment
  • Structural steel installation
  • Both industrial fabrication and welding
  • Process line maintenance and modification
  • Rigging and hoisting
  • Demolition and dismantle
  • Conveyor system installation and design
  • Field Machining
High caliber millwrights and Crane Services

Hydro Services

  • Large valve repair, refurbishment, and installation up to 20' in diameter
  • Customized body and disk seal replacement
  • Generator and turbine servicing
  • Cavitation repair
  • Inspection, upgrades, and precision alignment
  • Repair of hydraulic and electrical control systems
  • Crane inspection, certification, installation, and maintenance
  • Machine shop support services and parts inventory for pumps, compressors, gearboxes, etc.